As a business owner, you’re always looking for the next thing you can do to grow your business, gain new customers, and sell more products or services. Alongside this, you’re probably looking to grow your profits – and sometimes that means cutting costs, or at least thinking carefully before committing to them. So it might seem like a freelance dog writer is a bad idea – after all, they cost money and your marketing budget is stretched pretty tight right now. Can’t you use one of your employees, or even write your content yourself?

Well, yes… but what if I told you that hiring a freelance content writer can help boost your business in some surprising ways?

Freelance writer vs in-house writer

A freelance writer is usually self-employed. They usually cost more per-hour than an employee, but can be cheaper overall as you aren’t paying holiday pay or sick leave. It’s also easier to hire them for a single project or to help with a very specific area of business, rather than being stuck with an employee when the project is over. We’ve written a whole blog post about the differences between a freelancer and an employee if you need more information in this area!

How many companies outsource their content creation?

55% of B2C companies outsource some part of their content marketing, and this increases with the size of the company. Of these, 80% are outsourcing their content creation.

On the other hand, 50% of B2B companies are outsourcing their content marketing, and of these, over 80% outsource content creation.

So it’s extremely common to use a freelance writer or content creator whether you have a B2B or B2C company. Let’s look at some of the reasons why hiring a freelance writer is so great for business:

6 business benefits of outsourcing to a freelance dog writer

1. They bring fresh new ideas

New points of view, ideas, and perspectives really help your content appeal to a variety of people. Freelancers can help you get out of a rut when your brand voice has become just a bit too strong. You can maximise this benefit by not giving your freelancers too strict a task, and instead giving them some freedom to see where their writing takes them.

2. Expand your content marketing team (temporarily)

According to a 2020 survey of B2B companies, one third of respondents didn’t have an in-house marketing team, and a further 24% had a team of just one person. B2C companies were similar, with 27% having no content marketing team and 21% having just one person in their content marketing team. If your content marketing team is small, outsourcing your pet content to a freelance writer can allow you to temporarily expand your capability without hiring someone new.

3. They can provide agility, and a responsive and speedy delivery

If your tiny content marketing team is overwhelmed, they aren’t going to be agile and able to respond to market forces. By outsourcing to a freelancer when needed, your in-house team can focus on strategy and direction. Similarly, a team that’s already focussed on producing a whole load of content can’t magic up a last-minute article on a news topic – but your freelancer can often take this on and turn around something quickly so that your company can remain current.

4. They can promote your business in their network

Freelancers love to show off their work. After their piece is live, they’ll happily link to it from their website or share it on their socials. That’s free exposure to a whole new network of people!

5. You can benefit from a range of experience and expertise

Your content marketing team are probably mostly versed in marketing, not in dog health. Adding freelancers to your team means you can take advantage of a whole range of experience and expertise you wouldn’t otherwise have access to. Since we know experience and expertise are important for Google rank, this is well worth thinking about!

6. They have access to a network of contacts

Your freelancer will work for lots of companies. Sometimes, those companies are useful to your business. Your freelancer may be willing to introduce you to other people that change the way you do business – after all, it’s not what you know but who you know!

How to find freelance dog writers

So now you know why outsourcing to a freelancer is a wonderful idea, you’re probably wondering how to find a freelance dog writer who can support your business and help it grow. Have a think about what your freelance writer needs in order to be great for your company. Perhaps a certain point of view, qualification, or experience would be helpful? Or maybe you need someone who can always take fast turnaround work? Do you need someone with experience of SEO and doing their own keyword research? Once you’ve got a list, narrow down your options until you’ve found the right writer for your company.

Final thoughts

So, outsourcing your pet company’s content creation is not only common, it’s actually recommended for many reasons. The benefits that a freelance dog writer can bring to your business are huge, so it’s well worth taking time to find yourself a writer who fits your business.

That might not be us, but if it might be, get in touch with Liz to find out more about our writers and what they can offer you.

Joanna Woodnutt

Joanna Woodnutt

Dr Joanna Woodnutt MRCVS is a qualified vet, freelance writer, and editor at The Veterinary Content Company. She lives in the Channel Islands with her husband and daughter, as well as their naughty but loveable terrier, Pixie.