Want to work with us?


At The Veterinary Content Company, we’re always looking for talented and passionate vets who want to help pet owners. Great veterinary writers have a thirst for knowledge, an empathy with owners, and excellent written communication skills.

Because all of our writers are freelance, it’s a flexible vet job, from an article a week to full-time work. You can become a vet writer around another job, around childcare, or because you want a change in career that still allows you to use your veterinary skills.

So, if this sounds like you, please get in touch so we can tell you more about how we work. We’ll want to see your CV and a short (300+ words) sample of writing suitable for a client.

Please note we are not currently hiring general writers. We’re very fortunate not to have a high turnover of writers so we now have a long waiting list of interested vets and no positions open!

If you have a further qualification (certificate etc) in an area of animal health then please feel free to get in touch. Similarly, if you have at least a year of writing experience alongside your veterinary degree, we’d like to hear from you.

Otherwise we recommend you follow us on LinkedIn, which is where we’ll announce any recruitment drive or open positions.


(+44) 07781419516

Jasmin House, Longis Road,
Guernsey, GY9 3YB

New to veterinary medical writing?


We’re launching a veterinary medical writing course later this summer. Unlike other courses, which are designed primarily for doctors, we’ll specifically focus on teaching vets the content writing skills they need to get going in this space. The 1-hour webinar-style course will cover:

  • The skills a good vet writer needs
  • Content writing vs copywriting – how to choose
  • Writing for readability
  • Writing for websites
  • Freelance skills and set up

If you’re interested, please drop us a line using the form below and we’ll add you to the waiting list.

P.S – want more support with becoming a freelance veterinary writer? We’re considering a month-long cohort correspondence course, with tasks and feedback, and access to a community of veterinary writers. It would contain 4x 1-hour sessions (one per week) in a small group and set tasks, which would be edited and returned with feedback to help you improve your writing. If this sounds more up your street, let us know – we’ll only run this if there’s enough interest!