Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

The words on your webpage help determine how search engines see you and where you come in the search results. Optimising your website to help yourself be seen is known as SEO.

On-page SEO

The content of your webpages helps search engines like Google understand your business and what you offer. Which helps them to return your website when people search for relevant search terms.

Our pet copywriting and content writing services are underpinned by a deep knowledge of SEO, helping your website to gain visibility in the search results. Whether you’re a pet business or a veterinary practice, SEO is worth investing in – we can help!

Keywords and links

Both keywords and links are important to on-page SEO. We know the best practices for using keywords naturally and avoiding spammy links that can get you blacklisted by search engines. Our unique skill at pairing informative pet writing with important SEO features is one of the key reasons businesses use us time and time again.

Confused by SEO?

If you aren’t sure if you need a vet writer for SEO, or even what SEO is, try checking out our knowledgebase. We’ve got tons of articles about SEO for pet shops, pet businesses, and veterinary practices that can help you understand SEO basics.

Or, for those who want to delve a little deeper, look out for our webinar, “SEO for pet businesses”, that we’ll be running in 2024. To register your interest, sign up here.

FAQs about our SEO services

Can you provide keywords for our posts?

If you’re working with an SEO professional, you’ll have keywords you want to use, and our team are used to naturally using these throughout our content. But if you’re a vet practice or small pet business who hasn’t invested in SEO services, we can offer light consultancy services and help you find keywords to target.

What are your SEO qualifications?

Like many in the SEO industry, we don’t have formal qualifications. But with over 5 years experience in SEO for vets and pet businesses, we know our stuff. 

Do you offer off-page or technical SEO services for vets or pet businesses?

We’re primarily content and copywriters, so we don’t offer technical SEO support. However, we do have relationships with SEO professionals we recommend if you’d like a referral. 

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