“Ask a Vet” writing service

Have you got a readership brimming with questions? Our vets can be available to answer their questions for your newsletter or website, or even via a 'social media takeover'!

For your socials…

Increase trust in your brand by hosting a social media takeover with our ‘ask a vet’ service. You set a time and date for the takeover, decide how you want to run it, and we’ll provide you with a vet. When the big day comes, our vet can answer your followers’ questions live via the comments on a post or even on a live video stream.

This service works particularly well when they’re hosted regularly and you set a theme for each one. Gathering a few questions in advance can really help the flow too!

…or your newsletter

Or why not create a section of your regular newsletter to be an ‘Ask a Vet’ agony-aunt-style area? Your readers can send in questions for the vets to answer in the next newsletter – it’s a fab way to increase your open rate and newsletter engagement.

It’s also easy for our team to expand on their answer in your blog, which means you also get the benefit of that keyword-laden, customer-driven content for your SEO.


What is the turnaround for ‘Ask the Vet’ pieces?

We’ll work with you to meet your publishing deadlines. As these are generally short answers, we can turn them around faster than whole articles. Once you’ve decided how frequently you want your ‘Ask the Vet’ section to run, get in touch with us and we’ll let you know if we can help.

Can I use the vet that writes my articles?

In many cases, yes – the vet we assign to write your articles will also work with you on your newsletter or social media, to keep a consistent voice. In some cases, your article vet may not want to do live videos or may not be available at a good time of day for social media takeovers. If this is the case, we’ll talk to you about assigning another vet writer for these areas.

What can I ask your vets about?

Our vets will be happy to answer reader questions on all aspects of pet care and pet health. However, there are a few things we can’t answer for ethical, regulatory, or legal reasons. Examples include drug doses, human medications, ‘what is the best food/ toy/ joint supplement’, or in-depth details about individual cases. Don’t worry though- if these questions are asked live we’ll politely deflect them and explain why we can’t answer.

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