Veterinary Proofreading, and ‘Medically Reviewed By’ Service

If you have a blog or a website that already has pet content written by a non-qualified writer, our veterinary proofreading service can help to check if your advice is safe. Our qualified vets will carefully check your articles and award you our 'stamp of approval'.

Clinically-Accurate Content

You need your articles to be trustworthy, and we want to make sure animals are safe. That’s why we offer veterinary proofreading. Our qualified veterinarians can check your pet content to ensure it’s medically accurate, clinically safe, and contains recommended advice.

We’ll go through your article with a fine-tooth comb, checking for factual errors, fake news, and harmful advice, then help you correct them.

Veterinary proofreading improves safety

There are a lot of articles out there in cyberspace that have been written by an ‘experienced animal writer’ but have never been checked by a veterinarian. These articles may contain harmful advice. Even when a writer has done their research, it can be hard to be sure the articles they’ve used were correct in the first place. Why put your brand at risk? Get all your articles fact checked by a qualified veterinarian for peace of mind.

Earn our stamp

Our stamp of approval is given to articles that have been proofread by our team. It’s a sign of expertise and authority, not just to your readers but to search engines as well.

Stamps are only given to articles that don’t contain fake news or harmful misinformation, and where the adjustments recommended by our qualified veterinary team have been made.

Veterinary proofreading improves your SEO

Asking us to check your articles for you can improve your SEO. Not only will the search engines be thrilled at your updated content, they’ll also be happy to see qualifications listed with your article. Google lists expertise of the writer as one of the most important ranking factors in making results-page decisions. Using our vet proofreading service allows you to say ‘fact checked by a veterinarian’ or ‘medically proofread by a vet’, which will set you apart from the competition!


How long does it take to proofread my articles

We have an average turnaround of 7 days for veterinary proofreading, depending on the length of your article, the quality of the content, and how busy our veterinarians are.
If you need your pet article proofreading sooner, just let us know- we will do our best to accommodate you.

How many articles can I send to you for proofreading?

You can send as many articles to our veterinary proofreading team as you like, from one to one thousand. If you send lots, they will be shared amongst vets for a faster turnaround time.

What does it cost to get my articles proofread by your vets?

It’s really hard to estimate the time it will take one of our vets to medically review a pet article. Some articles are already high-quality, and it’s a 15-minute job. Others need significant edits, and it takes an hour or more. When you contact us, send over an example of what you’d like us to proofread, and we’ll be able to give you an estimated time and cost. We’re sorry we can’t be more specific, but the price will be dependent on so many things outside of our control that it’s impossible to give a number.

What are you looking for when you are proofreading my articles?

When our vets are proofreading your articles, we ask them to look for three things. Firstly, is the article safe? Is the advice given correct and likely to result in the best outcome for the pet? Secondly, does the article make sense? Making sure that the message is clear throughout the article is important. Thirdly, is the spelling and grammar ok? This is important, as it will help to improve the authority of your website. Our vets will make any changes necessary to ensure you are offering your readers a top-quality article.

If you’d like us to, we can also check and improve your outgoing links to ensure they’re always pointing to safe and approved websites. 

Can I use the reviewing vet’s credentials on my article?

Absolutely! We encourage this as it’s better for your SEO. When you ask us to check your articles for medical accuracy, you’ll be given the name, bio, and photo of the vet who checks the articles. We’ll also give you a link to their portfolio with us – using this helps search engines to check they are who you say they are!

How does your veterinary proofreading service help SEO?

Our medical proofreading service allows you to say your article is ‘medically checked by’, ‘clinically proofread by’, or ‘fact checked by a vet’. That’s a trust signal that both humans and robots can easily spot. Not only that, but our vets’ presence across the internet helps search robots make the connection between your site and quality.

For more information on this, check out our knowledgebase, particularly how vet qualifications help E-A-T

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