Animal health marketing services for B2B

If your business markets to vets and animal health professionals, our digital marketing services are indispensable. As vets ourselves, we have unique insight into the vet buying mindset that we can apply when we’re writing your animal health marketing materials.

Content Writing for B2B Vet Businesses

If you’re in the veterinary B2B space, serving and selling to vet practices and veterinarians, you’ll want content that inspires and educates. Veterinarians are extremely busy and highly critical thinkers, and your content needs to be fresh, engaging, and interesting to get their attention, whilst evidence-based and educational. As vets, our writers are highly trusted by their colleagues and can offer unique insight into the industry.

Whether you’re a veterinary recruiter looking for a newsletter writer or a vet equipment supplier needing new content for your website, we’ve got a vet content writer who can help.

Veterinary Market Research

Got a product idea, or want insight into your animal health brand’s positioning in the market? We have vets across the UK and the rest of the world, in a huge number of sectors. We can gather them together for focus groups or create surveys to get essential information about your market.

Animal Health Copywriting

When it comes to your point-of-sale materials (such as your posters, leaflets, and e-brochures), you have very limited space in which to make an impact. Enter our veterinary copywriting team. As vets, they know what’s important to pet professionals looking to buy your products or use your services. As marketers, they care about your commercial goals. And as experienced writers, they can whittle words down until what’s left is the best sales copy in the animal health industry.

It’s not just animal health! We may be vets, but we’re also scientists, and medical professionals. Human healthcare copywriting and medical writing is just fine, too. We love to apply our skills in medical writing to the human healthcare market and medical writing. Several of our writers have undertaken the prestigious Monster Academy’s Medical Writing courses.


With such a huge range of animal health marketing services on offer, it’s perhaps not surprising that we can’t offer a simple price here. You might be looking for market research and product consultancy, or you might need an animal health copywriter to help produce marketing materials. Or both! Luckily, with just a little information from you we can get you a quote. Why not book a free 1:1 with our senior team and we’ll walk you through it?

Want to learn more?

If you’re a B2B business marketing to the veterinary sector, our animal health copywriting services are what you need. But if you want to find out more about digital marketing for animal pharmaceuticals, vet recruitment companies, and other B2B businesses, our Knowledgebase can answer your questions. You might also find some key blogs below!

FAQs About our Services for B2B Animal Health Marketing

Who is your service for?

All types of B2B businesses benefit from having a strong marketing strategy. For those in the animal health industries, a good veterinary copywriter can speak to your customers – vets and vet practices – and help drive sales. Animal pharmaceutical companies, pet product manufacturers, veterinary recruiters and pet tech companies can all benefit by leveraging the unique skills our vet writing team possess.