Pet owners are hungry for knowledge. They want to know more about their pets and what’s best for them – their health, their behaviour, how to look after them, and how to have fun with them! Your business can turn pet owners looking for information into customers by tuning into their needs. A veterinary copywriter is a valuable asset. There are hundreds of competitors trying to get pet parents’ attention. Your brand needs to stand out as trustworthy rather than trying to take advantage of how much they care for their pets to make a quick sale of a poor-quality product.

But as a veterinary copywriter, how do you win your reader’s trust to become their go-to source of pet information and products? Below, we’ll share our nine veterinary copywriter secrets to help your pet business bond with pet parents, inspiring loyal customers who stand the test of time.

Key Takeaways

– Know your audience and get in their shoes for the best content
– Focus on benefits, not features
– Combine pictures, data, and real-life experiences
– Use clear calls-to-action
– Analyse your results, and adjust accordingly
– Consider getting a professional veterinary copywriter to help, like our team

Knowing your Audience

Before creating content for your pet business, you must understand a pet parent’s mind. How else can you make sure that you appeal to them? Unsurprisingly, many people working in the pet industry have pets themselves. If you do, let that first-hand experience guide your writing.

Pet ownership comes with a great sense of responsibility to do the right thing, from ensuring the pet has a good diet and exercise routine to keeping up with their healthcare. Pet parents love their furry family members, and it’s distressing for them if their pet is sick, in pain, or anxious.

Understanding the concerns of pet parents about their pet’s health or your product and acknowledging them is an excellent way to build trust. However, this vulnerability makes pet parents susceptible to misinformation, since many desperate pet owners search online for an answer to their pet’s injury, health condition, or behaviour concern and end up bombarded with contradictory and unreliable search results telling them to ‘try this’ or ‘do that.’

Even if they’re misinformed, pet parents have their pet’s best interests at heart. Instead of isolating a group of potential customers by writing content that shames them for using an outdated training technique or poor pet product, be empathetic and make your content gentle but informative. After all, correcting this misinformation is the perfect opportunity to inspire loyalty.

9 Veterinary Copywriter Secrets to Convert Readers into Loyal Customers

Secret 1: Speak Their Language

Remember who you’re writing for! Tap into your inner pet parent, use language they understand and find engaging, and keep your tone friendly. However, don’t forget you’re providing informative and trustworthy content, so hang on to your expert tone by avoiding casual phrasing.

Secret 2: Focus on Benefits

If you’re introducing or explaining a pet product, it’s natural to want to list all of the great features, but that’s not going to keep your reader interested. What pet parents want to know is how your product will make a positive difference to their or their pet’s life. That’s why it’s really important to put yourself in their shoes and consider their needs and concerns when explaining your product.

Secret 3: Share Real-life Experiences

We all know the power of real-life stories and personal recommendations. If you want to connect with your readers as pet parents, include stories about your product from other pet parents in case studies or testimonials. Don’t underestimate the sense of community among pet owners, and word-of-mouth recommendations are powerful.

Secret 4: Use Data and Research

Increase your credibility and demonstrate your expertise by backing up your content with relevant statistics, using your data, or referencing research. This way, you’ll gain your reader’s trust as they’ll have more than just your word that your product is great.

Secret 5: Use Pet Pictures and Videos

It’s amazing how much time can be lost watching cat and dog videos online! Our furry friends are hilariously funny and effortlessly cute, and pet parents can’t get enough of their antics. Choosing some high-quality pet pictures and videos will increase reader engagement and give them that warm, fuzzy feeling about your brand.

Secret 6: Show Them the Next Step

When we browse online these days, we’re much more distractable. We spend less time reading one specific article and instead tend to flit around, following links off the page or googling something else when a new thought occurs to us. This means it’s even more important to use clear calls to action throughout your content to guide the reader to make a purchase, find out more, or speak to the team.

Secret 7: Highlight Achievements on your Socials

There’s no denying the power of social media! Not only does having professional-looking and regularly updated social media accounts allow you to interact with your community, show them who you are as a brand, and build their trust, but they also give you a platform to showcase great customer feedback and testimonials and announce any awards your product or brand wins.

Secret 8: Keep it Fresh

A veterinary copywriter’s work is never done! It’s important to regularly update your content with new information, trends, and seasonal tips to keep pet parents coming back for more.

Secret 9: Don’t Shy Away from the Data

Analysing your content’s performance has lots of benefits. Firstly, you’ll get to know the topics and content styles that your audience love and engage with, and what leads to product sales. So, over time, you can use this information to continuously modify and improve your content. Don’t forget though, taking a closer look at the data and reader demographics will allow you to target your content at sub-groups of your audience, making the information feel more personal and nurturing that brand-customer bond.

Do you need our help?

As a veterinary copywriter aiming to attract loyal customers, you must create informative content delivered in an engaging, empathetic, yet expert way. Highlight how the product will make a difference to their pet’s life and use real-world examples and sturdy statistics.

If you’re juggling creating content for your pet business while running the show or struggling to create content that generates results, head to our pet content and copywriting services page to see how we can help.

Dr Hannah Godfrey MRCVS

Dr Hannah Godfrey MRCVS

Hannah graduated from the Royal Veterinary College in 2011. She has a passion for soft tissue surgery, ultrasound, and canine and feline dentistry, having completed additional training in these areas. She has now moved from permanent clinical veterinary work to become an Editor for a global medical communications company. She hasn't given up clinical work altogether, though, and still does regular locum shifts at her local veterinary practices.