Reactive PR

Struggling to respond to HAROs and veterinary PR opportunities, build backlinks, and increase your outreach? Our reactive PR service provides you with vet comments to journalist queries so you can boost your PR with a qualified vet.

For building backlinks…

We know how important backlinks are to your domain authority and SEO. But getting those backlinks from high-authority sites can be tricky. You might have seen services like HARO and Qwoted, where journalists request quotes and give a backlink in return. But many pet journos only want qualified veterinarians to answer! That’s where our Reactive PR Service comes in. You pass us the query, and we’ll get a veterinarian to write a response you can send to the reporter. Veterinary PR at it’s finest!

…or making the most of a veterinary PR opportunity

Of course, HARO and Qwoted are only two of the services you might use – there are loads of websites designed to link journalists and sources, or you may want to release a press release directly. We can help with that too! From a couple of quotes through to a whole guest blog, our veterinary PR services have you covered. If you need a veterinarian to help with an article or comment, no matter how big or small, we’re what you are looking for.

Flexibly winning you veterinary PR opportunities

Short deadline? No problem. Need 500 words on an obscure subject? We got you. Journalist wants to have a phone interview with the vet? Absolutely. Our team can be flexible in order to get you the best reactive PR opportunities and win you that press mention. Our pricing is flexible too, from per-request through to a monthly retainer for as many requests as you want to send through.

We will never sell the same quote twice

The problem with the HARO-like sites is that lots of people compete for the same opportunity. So here’s our promise: We will never sell the same quote twice. Our vets write their response for your website, from scratch. If we’re asked to answer the same query again, a different vet will do it – we won’t sell your quote a second time or allow our vets to submit responses for two clients.


Who will respond to my media enquiry?

We will arrange for a team of veterinarians to be available to comment for your media enquiry. You can advise if there is a particular vet you’d like involved, but please bear in mind that we can’t guarantee that this vet is available. We tend to choose vet writers who are working from home to increase the chance of them getting the response to you within the deadline.

Can you guarantee the turnaround?

Unfortunately we can’t guarantee that your vet’s response will be in in time for the deadline given. Many of the journo requests have very short deadlines, and to do so, we would need to have vets on call at all times – which would be exceedingly expensive. However, we will always make a best-efforts approach. Last month we managed to respond to 100% of the articles before the deadline given. 

How do we credit the vet writer?

You will get the name and credentials of the vet who has responded to your media enquiry along with your response. The journalist will usually want these. You’ll also want to include the request for the backlink, and where you want it directed to. One good option for phrasing your request to the reporter is “if you use these comments, please credit our wonderful vet Dr XXX, and link to YYY”. Some journalists will want the vet to be a named staff member on your ‘about us’ page – feel free to add them to increase your chances of getting the backlink!

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