Social Media Content Writing

If you're not posting regularly on social media, you won't get seen. Don't panic- our vets can plan and write your pet posts for you.

Social content is different

Your social accounts are important. Social media content is one of the most difficult types of copywriting.


Well, to be good at it you need to have first-hand knowledge of all the platforms, understand key trends, watch for changes in algorithms, and be able to write copy.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more

Almost everybody has a social media account. But do you know which platform your customers are on? And do you know the right type of social content to engage them with?

Our team can write engaging social media posts on a range of pet health topics and optimised for different platforms.

Frequency of content

Do you know how often you should be posting on social media? Well, small companies should be posting on Facebook about once a day. That’s 365 posts a year you need to come up with.

Can we help?

Graphics and stock images

Facebook algorithms give priority to posts with images, so if you want to appear in people’s news feeds, you’ll need lots of visual content. At The Veterinary Content Company we can provide relevant stock images for your posts. We also work with graphic designers to produce infographics and other visual content.

Our team can write engaging social media posts on a range of pet health topics and optimised for different platforms.

Pricing options

Social media subscription

To make things as simple as possible for your business, we’ve created a social media subscription service.

Choose between 10, 20, or 30 posts a month, and 1, 2, or more platforms. We’ll arrange our veterinary team to create the posts for you, provide graphics where needed, and return them to you ready to post. Prefer not to be involved? We can even schedule the posts inside your account, so you don’t have to do anything!


Of course, we still have ‘pay as you go’ options if you don’t think a subscription is right for you. One post, 10 posts, holiday cover while you’re away – we’ve got you covered.


How long does it take to write my social media posts?

We have an average turnaround of 5-10 days, depending on how many posts you want writing. Most of our customers choose to have social media posts written for them every month using our subscription service, in which case the posts will be delivered to you on the agreed date each month for scheduling.

How many social media posts can you write for me?

Our social media content writing service is flexible. If you want one post writing, that’s fine. If you need 365 posts a year, that’s fine too. And if you don’t know how many social media posts you should be writing, that’s also fine! Just get in touch and we’ll talk it through.

What does it cost to get my social media posts written by your vets?

When you contact us to discuss your needs, we will give you a project price as a no-obligation quote. This price will be worked out based on the number of posts you want writing, whether you want any graphics, and the platform we’re writing for. As a guide, subscriptions start from £215/month. We’re sorry we can’t be more specific, but the price will be dependent on so many things outside of our control that it’s impossible to give a number.

What topics do you write social media posts about?

Our team of social media vets are full of ideas what to write about. You have a few options – you can leave it up to us, you can approve topics from our suggestions, or you can give us topics. Naturally, we’ll include a mix of shorter ‘did you know’ type posts, friendly posts with calls to action designed to engage, longer pet health topics, seasonal information, and anything else that’s relevant to your business. We’ll look through your previous posts for inspiration too!

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