You may already have a team of in-house writers who really know what they’re doing. In that case, outsourcing the entire article to one of our writers may not be what you want to do. That’s where our vet experts come in. You can get in touch and ask one of our vets to provide comment for your article instead.

Perhaps your in-house writer is an expert in behaviour already, and they just want a vet to discuss some of the medical options for treating behaviour. That’s where we come in! Using one of our vet experts can add a lot of authority to your piece and help it rank on Google. Or maybe you have an article that was written last year, and you want to update it and add a bit of pizazz. Updating old articles is really important – Google will look at the date an article was last updated when ranking articles. Providing an update with a comment from a vet is hitting two Google ranking points in one – the use of an expert (to add authority and trust) and the update itself.

In the article below we were approached to help update 10 articles per month by adding expert comments. We were asked specific questions by the journalists, which we wrote answers to. They then chose key comments to include in their article.

If you think your article would benefit from adding a vet’s point of view, get in touch with our team. We have a variety of pricing options and are happy to work with you to take into account any deadlines you might have in mind.

If the comments you need aren’t for your own article, you might be better using our media enquiry response service. This can be used for HAROs and other PR requests. We provide a small team of vet experts to get you the fast turnaround you need.

Joanna Woodnutt

Joanna Woodnutt

Dr Joanna Woodnutt MRCVS is a qualified vet, freelance writer, and editor at The Veterinary Content Company. She lives in the Channel Islands with her husband and daughter, as well as their naughty but loveable terrier, Pixie.