As your business grows, there are some things it makes sense to do yourself, and some things you should outsource. Pet copywriting is one of the most commonly outsourced areas for new businesses. It’s hard to get right, and dangerous to get wrong. So what are some signs it’s time to consider outsourcing your pet copywriting? We’ve got three for you, plus a good reason not to!

What is copywriting for pet businesses?

‘Copy’ is any text that’s on display, whether it’s on your website, product brochures, or even your newsletter. However, it is usually used to refer to promotional and advertising material. For pet businesses, copywriting usually involves web text, posters, online adverts, and social media posts.

Why is pet copywriting hard?

Copywriting in any industry takes some skill, but pet copywriting can be especially hard. Not only is the pet market highly competitive, advertising pet products is also fraught with legal issues. There are so many things you can and can’t say or imply, it’s easy to fall foul of the regulations.

Not only that, but the huge variety of pet health information available to pet parents and vets means they could be entirely for – or vehemently against – your product before they’ve even seen it. Pet copywriters need to speak to people from all walks of life and persuade them to consider your product, even if it’s something they don’t believe in. Trying to write a brochure for yet another joint supplement, for instance, to sell to vets who are already knee-deep in them, while avoiding phrases sure to get the VMD knocking on your door, is no mean feat!

Three signs you need to outsource your copywriting

1.You are writing your copy yourself

If you are still writing your copy yourself, don’t! It’s time-consuming – haven’t you got better things to be doing, like strategic planning and business development?

2. You haven’t got the budget for a marketing department

Marketing departments are usually best placed to write great copy for your business. Big companies will have an internal copywriter, or several! But if you haven’t got the budget to pay several salaries, outsourcing your pet copywriting will get you skilled support without the price tag.

3. You need expert insight

Of course, even marketing departments sometimes need an external copywriter. This usually happens when you need expert insight to make your copy sing. If your marketing department has a copywriter, but they aren’t an expert in the field, the content can sometimes fall flat. Getting an expert to write the content – or at least check the tone – can take your copy to the next level.

What has this got to do with us?

That’s where vet copywriters shine – we can use our knowledge of the veterinary industry to speak ‘vet’ to vets…. or our carefully-honed communication skills to chat pets with their owners. Either way, when you outsource your copywriting to our team we combine our industry insight with our pet copywriting skills and get you where you want to be.

While we’re at it, we can also check any marketing images aren’t going to cause you embarrassment or result in a strongly-worded open letter from a group of vets or animal welfare advocates. Even large brands aren’t immune to the mistake of using dogs with cropped ears or choke chains – don’t be one of them!

Convinced? Contact us to chat about your pet copywriting project. Or, read more about our veterinary copywriting service, our content writing services, or what the difference is between content and copy.

Joanna Woodnutt

Joanna Woodnutt

Dr Joanna Woodnutt MRCVS is a qualified vet, freelance writer, and editor at The Veterinary Content Company. She lives in the Channel Islands with her husband and daughter, as well as their naughty but loveable terrier, Pixie.