Here at The Veterinary Content Company, we specialise in writing amazing pet content for pet and vet businesses.
Whether you have a pet food company, a dog walking business, or an affiliate blog, your readers want real content they can trust. That’s why we employ veterinary writers. We believe it’s only vets who can write the best clinical content.
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Who we are

The Veterinary Content Company is a group of freelance writers who are also veterinarians, nurses, techs and veterinary scientists. We love all things pet, and use our unique insight to write amazing pet health content.

We encourage pet owners to educate themselves and research their pet and his health in a safe way. The internet is full of rubbish, but we want to help make it a safe space where people can learn. We do that by making sure our articles are only written by vets, who are qualified to give pet advice.

What we do

Pets are our science; writing is our art.
We write engaging blogs, websites, brochures, infographics, and newsletters on any pet or animal topic.

If you need it, we also offer keyword research, content strategy and marketing strategy to help inform our blogs.

Why choose a vet writer?

Any good content writer can write about pets. But our writers are all veterinarians. Why?
Vets are experts on the subjects of pet health and behaviour. Our vets provide authentic, unique content that your readers can trust. In addition, Google highly rates expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness. The more authority your writer has, the better ranked your page will be.

And really, when it comes to a dog’s life, is it worth your content writer being wrong?


Freelance vet writer Joanna Woodnutt with dog Pixie
Chief Editor, Pet Vet Writer

Dr Joanna Woodnutt BVM BVS BVMedSci MRCVS

Jo still manages to write many of our articles, although she's also in charge of editing and managing the team.

Hi all, I'm Jo!

I set out on my freelance writing mission when I realised that writing meant I could help more pet owners than just the one in my consulting room. I'm an experienced writer and I've been featured in national magazines and have written hundreds of blog articles for pet websites. People often ask me for a portfolio, but in truth Googling my name will bring up more articles than I even remember writing- my laptop is full of everything from articles about joint supplements to articles about mental health, and everything in between.

I set up The Veterinary Content Company when my writing business was getting out of hand. I got to the point that more was landing in my inbox than I could physically write, and it was getting hard to keep up. Now, I have a team of writers and I manage the articles, edit the finished pieces, and spend time writing the things that mean the most to me.

Writing has enabled me to fulfil my dream of moving home to the Channel Islands, where I also run the island's only salad farm with my partner Ian. We also have a mixed-breed terrier called Pixie, who often ‘helps’ me with my writing!

Dr Olivia Speight MRCVS Veterinary Writer
Vet, Pet Writer, Rabbit Writer

Dr Olivia Speight MRCVS

Liv worked with Jo ‘back in the day’ when Jo was a normal vet (is there such a thing?)

Liv worked with Jo ‘back in the day’ when Jo was a normal vet (is there such a thing?), and she picked up on the writing bug then. She now combines freelance writing with working as a vet for the RSPCA. She has a menagerie of animals, and we like to joke that only one of them was ‘on purpose’- the rest were rescued. Regardless, they couldn’t be more loved! With her extensive experience of all things rabbit, Liv is also our go-to bunny writer.
Dr Ellen Marcinkiewicz Veterinary Writer at Veterinary Content Company
Vet, Pet Writer

Dr Ellen Marcinkiewicz BVSc MRCVS

Ellen has recently joined the team to help with small animal writing. She's an Aussie, so we love her already!

Ellen is an Australian vet who is currently combining her love of writing with traveling and working across the UK as a relief vet. Ellen graduated from the University of Melbourne in 2012 and is passionate about all things small animal health. Since graduating she has worked in clinical practice, including at a university teaching hospital in New Zealand. Ellen is currently based in Somerset and in her free time enjoys yoga, reading, travel, and modern calligraphy!
A photo of a veterinary writer at the Veterinary Content Company
Mixed-Species Vet and Writer

Dr Greg Steele MA VetMB MRCVS

As a mixed veterinarian, Dr Greg is one of our go-to writers for topics on any species and subject.

My name is Greg, and I've been a vet working in mixed practice in the UK for over 5 years now. I graduated from the University of Cambridge and I enjoy working with all species, great and small! Outside of veterinary work, I enjoy the outdoors, gardening and sport in all forms! We currently have just one amazing cat, called O'Malley. I love writing and communicating veterinary knowledge, but I still work full time, so writing is fitted around my clinical work and on days off.
Dr Marie F Menniti vet writer at The Veterinary Content Company
Poultry Vet, Nutrition, Writer

Dr Marie Menniti BVM&S MSc AFHEA MRCVS

Marie's nutrition and poultry knowledge make her a great addition to our team.

Marie is a poultry vet with a passion for nutrition. She started out writing nutrition blogs while in veterinary school and is now a freelance writer. She lives in Scotland and her work takes her all over the country to see chickens and game birds. She enjoys travelling and spending time with her Bengal cat, Meeyu.
Photo of Dr Molier
Pet Vet, Writer

Dr Sarah-Jane Molier BVM&S MRCVS BSc

Sarah is a companion animal vet with an interest in geriatrics and behaviour. She's new to the team, but making waves!

Sarah-Jane Molier wanted to be a veterinarian from around the age of ten. After much hard work she realised this dream and graduated in 2009. She has been working in small animal clinics ever since. She’s been involved in a mixture of charity, private and clinic managerial work. Sarah lives in the countryside with her husband, two children, cat and two dogs. She loves gardening with the kids, especially growing her own vegetables.
Vet and Writer

Dr Rachel Kenvyn MRCVS

Rachel is an experienced vet and, like Jo, likes to mix writing with working as a relief vet to keep her hand in.

Rachel is an experienced vet and, like Jo, likes to mix writing with working as a relief vet to keep her hand in.

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