Designing a new pet product, whether physical or digital, can be difficult. There are many pitfalls, and you want to create a product that’s going to be useful, and ideally one that’s even going to be recommended by vets. That was certainly the case for Your Paws, who used our pet product design consultancy service to help with their digital service design.

How we helped Your Paws

When Your Paws first approached us, they were looking for writers to help flesh out their pet food reviews. But as our relationship developed, Tom asked for help creating calculators for his website. First, he wanted a calorie requirements calculator – we were able to advise him the features that we, as vets, found useful in other calculators, and what we’d like to see. Once he’d created it, we sent it to vets who tested it for him, checking that it was working, and that the instructions were easy to understand.

Next, we helped with a puppy size calculator. Again, we were able to test the features, advise on the copy for the page, recommend an additional section for vets to make it more trustworthy, and even send it to vets outside of the company to get more feedback. Result? A calculator vets are thrilled to use – which means he’s getting direct hits, recommendations, and even backlinks when vets write about puppy growth.

Could you benefit from our pet product design consultancy service?

So if you have a pet product that is at the design or testing stage, and you want some industry insight into whether it will be useful, our qualified vets will be pleased to give their expert opinion. Get in touch and we’ll find you a vet (or team of vets!) to look at your product, research problems, and provide their professional opinion on your pet product to help you get the design perfect, first-time!

Joanna Woodnutt

Joanna Woodnutt

Dr Joanna Woodnutt MRCVS is a qualified vet, freelance writer, and editor at The Veterinary Content Company. She lives in the Channel Islands with her husband and daughter, as well as their naughty but loveable terrier, Pixie.