Blog and web content writing services

If you have a blog or a website in need of a revamp, our team of vets can write your content for you.

From the first contact…

Before we embark on any content writing services, we need to get to know you. That means a phone call or email conversation with our founder and editor Jo. She’ll talk to you about your audience, and find out the purpose of your blog. It helps if you give her a link to your site so she can do some research. She’ll also talk about your budget and timescale, and whether you have any freelance writers in mind.

Once she’s worked out exactly what it is that you need, she’ll give you a quote for the work.

…our freelance writers work hard to…

Once you’re happy with the scope of the content, you can sit back and wait for your article. First, Jo decides on the best writer to undertake the work. This could be any of our freelance veterinary writers who are available, but if your project has a tight deadline or is within a specialist niche she may reach out to other veterinary writers with a specialism or availability to take the piece on.

As Jo is our SEO-guru, she also sends your vet the results of her keyword research, and any headings she recommends for SEO.

…write your pet content…

After agreeing the brief with Jo, your freelance veterinary writer sets to work. As vets, we often lead busy lives- your writer will probably be writing between patients, after work, or on days off. They’ll also research your topic, making sure that they are up to date on any recent advancements.

The finished article is then returned to Jo, along with the writer’s invoice.

…and deliver it to you!

Jo will read and edit the article, looking for clinical accuracy, style, sense, and grammar. She’ll make sure the paragraphs are optimised for SEO and that the content keywords are used throughout.

Once Jo is happy with the article, she’ll send it on to you for approval. Feel free to make suggestions, although please remember that the vets won’t say anything that’s untrue, or could be misconstrued and cause harm. Once you’ve agreed the content and paid our fee, it’s yours to publish wherever you like!


How long does it take to write a blog article?

According to studies, the average time taken to actually write a blog is 3.5 hours. And that’s not counting all the work that goes on behind the scenes here. However, turnaround time is usually up to fourteen days due to other work our vets have on.
If you need your animal article sooner, please let us know and we will do what we can to accommodate you.

Who will write my article?

Your article will usually be written by one of our qualified veterinarians, unless it is appropriate to be written by a veterinary nurse or scientist. The writer with the most closely aligned interests and availability will usually be chosen, but if you have a writer you’d prefer then just let us know!

Can I name the vet writer on my website?

Absolutely! We recommend naming the freelance writer, as it’s an important signal to search engines that you’re using Subject Matter Experts. However, if you’d rather not, that’s fine too – it’s totally up to you!

What can I ask you to write about?

Although you can ask us to write about anything, pets, vets, and animals are our forte! Our freelance writers can compose articles on any pet or vet subject. If you aren’t sure what you want us to write, just ask – we can put some ideas together for you!

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