Ruth Cawston


Professional Bio

Ruth graduated from Cambridge in 2014 and has worked as a small animal GP vet ever since. She is particularly interested in internal medicine, as it combines her love of problem-solving and her somewhat geeky love of knowledge, and has completed her certificate in Small Animal Medicine. She loves animals of all species, but is particularly fond of cats.

Ruth loves the parts of her job that involve helping people to understand their pets better, and to get to grips with the science behind modern pet care. Writing gives her the opportunity to use these same skills in a different way, and help a wider range of people to deepen their bond with their pets.

Ruth Cawston Veterinary Writer holding a tabby cat
Dr Ruth Cawston in scrubs

Ruth’s Family and Pets

Ruth has a Golden Retriever named Schrodinger, and two cats named Pavlov and Hopper. Her husband names the pets, and is also a science nerd. Outside of work, Ruth enjoys gardening, swimming, and walking the dog. In the summer she also loves to sail dinghies. Her husband has a much more sensible career in accountancy, but grew up on a farm, so thankfully understands the obsession with animals.

“I love helping people to understand their pets better”

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My Work

Here you can see my recent work.

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