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Professional Bio

After graduating from Glasgow in 2010, Alex returned home to Lancashire and to rural mixed practice. In search of new challenges and experiences, she left Lancashire in 2014 and has since worked in a wide variety of veterinary practices across New Zealand, Australia and the UK, as well undergoing volunteer work in Fiji and the Greek islands. She enjoys communicating with people from all walks of life about their animals.

Alongside her vet degree, Alex also holds a certificate in acupuncture.

After many years of combining work and travel, Alex now lives with her fiancé in sunny Nelson, New Zealand. She most enjoys being out and about exploring the kiwi backcountry either by bike, on foot or by boat.

Alexandra Warner, pet content writer, with her dog Juno. (A white woman wearing a striped jumper is sitting on a rock with her arm round a black and white, medium sized dog.
Alexandra_warner_vet_pet_writer (A white woman with long brown hair smiles at the camera)

Alexandra’s Pets

Alex is mum to a 5-year-old Heading dog called Juno. A cross between collies and whippets, New Zealand Heading dogs have been bred for their speed and endurance on high country stations. They also make the perfect adventure dog and Juno loves to be by her side on the trail!

“I like that writing allows me to switch on a different, more creative part
of my brain, and combine that with my love of talking animals to folk”

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