When your product needs to be marketed to other businesses (what we call ‘b2b marketing’), then using industry insiders is one of the best ways to ensure that your marketing is relevant and reliable.

We are regular writers for The Vet Channel, a company providing video resources to veterinary practices in the UK. For this article, the task was to make vets aware of a new resource available to them. The resource is a video designed for waiting room TV, which introduces the topic of neutering and provides some pros and cons for pet owners to consider.

Because we’re all vets here at The Veterinary Content Company, our B2B marketing articles are much more authentic than they would be if written by a normal freelance writer. Not only do we know the veterinary lingo, we can also empathise with the day-to-day reality of being a vet in the UK. As clinicians ourselves, we know the pressures our colleagues are under, and our understanding and empathy are clear when we write. Also clear is our veterinary sense of humour – something all vets recognise and relate to! This means we can make sure these informational posts appeal to other vets, increasing the likelihood of a purchase.

If your business sells to vets, and you think you’d benefit from some insider vet knowledge, you’re in the right place. Whether you need to speak to a vet to get a feel for what the profession thinks of a topic, or whether you need our writing skills to speak directly to vet professionals, we can help. Pop an email over to Liz and she’ll pass you to the best person to help.

Joanna Woodnutt

Joanna Woodnutt

Dr Joanna Woodnutt MRCVS is a qualified vet, freelance writer, and editor at The Veterinary Content Company. She lives in the Channel Islands with her husband and daughter, as well as their naughty but loveable terrier, Pixie.