Rosalind Wright


Professional Bio

Rosalind is a practising veterinary surgeon working in a busy small animal hospital in the U.K. She has a keen interest in emergency medicine and has completed further study in this discipline. She particularly enjoys caring for critically ill patients who require intensive care and following their journey to recovery.

Alongside her clinic work, Rosalind works as a telemedicine vet triaging pets in their own home. In addition, she volunteers with the charity StreetVet treating the pets of the local homeless community. Rosalind has always enjoyed writing and has a passion for educating and supporting people to provide the very best care for their pets.

When she is not working Rosalind loves digging her allotment, listening to music, sea swimming and running marathons.

Pet writer Rosalind Wright. (A white woman is sitting outdoors, holding a large dog)
Rosalind Wright, vet writer. (A white woman with black hair is looking at the camera. She is wearing scrubs and has a stethoscope around her neck)

Rosalind’s Pets

Rosalind has grown up with all sorts of pets from dogs and cats to gerbils, bearded dragons and iguanas. Nowadays with a bit less time on her hands, she is devoted to her elderly German shorthair pointer Teddy, and can often be found walking with him along the beach. Teddy has a penchant for eating all sorts of things that he shouldn’t, chasing squirrels in the woods and human hair – particularly if it is being blown dry!

“I love researching a subject and using my veterinary knowledge to help others to understand information that might otherwise be inaccessible. Plus I love the act of writing itself and crafting sentences if different styles – it’s very therapeutic.”

Some fun facts

Favourite animal

Primates, chameleons and kingfishers – is that too many?

Coffee or tea?

Coffee every time!

Favourite holiday

European cities

My Work

Here you can see my recent work.

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