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Professional Bio

Having qualified from the University of Liverpool in 2011, Lily started clinical work in a mixed animal practice in Torbay Devon treating farm animals, companion animals and horses. Lily grew an interest in exotics, so moved practices to explore and grow that interest, turning her hand to running a branch of a busy hospital with a fantastic team. During her time developing skills outside of clinical veterinary work, Lily discovered a passion for client education and communication, creating hospital sheets and discharge paperwork as well as leaflets for common illnesses to help pet owners understand their pet’s conditions and treatments. This passion developed further into Lily’s medical writing business as she strives to make medical jargon understandable, so pet owners can make informed decisions and feel confident helping their pets be as healthy as they can be.

Lily enjoys walks with her collie pup Ollie and husband Andy around the beautiful Devon countryside as well as exploring the rivers, estuaries, and seas with their kayak (and yes Ollie pup is a keen skipper and goes along!) They are now expecting their miracle IVF baby and are excited for the next challenge in their lives.

Vet writer Lily Richards
Dr Lily Richards is one of our vet writers here at The Veterinary Content Company

Lily’s Pets

Lily’s three musketeers are thick as thieves, Ollie the Collie, Arabella the little Tabby cat, Felix the big fluffy one enjoy banding together to cause mischief. Her husband says she loves Felix more than him (haha!) and the last nursing team she worked with had a Felix swear jar for every time she mentioned him in clinic!

“I love writing for the everyday pet owner who wants to be prepared and understand the health of their pets. My passion is making overly complex medical terminology understandable to take the stress out of owners making decisions to get pets back to being well when they do get poorly.

Some fun facts

Favourite animal

Red Panda

Coffee or tea?


Favourite ice cream

Mint choc chip!

My Work

Here you can see my recent work.

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