Ellen Marcinkiewicz


Professional Bio

Ellen is an Australian vet who is currently combining her love of writing with traveling and working across the UK as a relief vet. Ellen graduated from the University of Melbourne in 2012 and is passionate about all things small animal health. Since graduating she has worked in clinical practice, including at a university teaching hospital in New Zealand.

Ellen’s areas of interest revolve around companion animals. She enjoys preventative health, husbandry and home care, and nutrition. She’s also led a charity neutering clinic in Samoa!

When not at work, Ellen enjoys modern calligraphy and yoga. She did her 200 hour yoga teacher training in Greece!

Ellen’s Pets

Dr Ellen finally has the dog she’s always wanted – a gorgeous Borzoi puppy called Yeti. She’s big and growing well, but can be a little boisterous still.

“I love having the ability to educate, and share knowledge and ideas in a creative way.”

Some fun facts

Favourite ice cream

Hazelnut gelato

Film or TV?

TV- I love Buffy the Vampire Slayer!

Coffee or tea?

Green tea

My Work

Here you can see my recent work.

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