Corinne Wigfall

BVM BVS(Hons) BVMedSci(Hons) MRCVS

Professional Bio

Corinne is originally from Wales and moved to New Zealand after graduating university. She started her career with a university-based equine internship and moved onto mixed and small animal practice. Currently she splits her time between online tele-triage and working in an after-hours vet clinic. She has also spent time in the Pacific Islands on desexing campaigns.

Corinne’s areas of interest include ophthalmology (eyes), dermatology, puppy care, and senior patient management. She also has an interest in emergency medicine and surgery and has completed a further 12 months training in this area.

She lives with her daughter and fiancé in Auckland. Any spare time is spent with family enjoying walks and trips to the beach, or going out to high tea with friends.

Corinne Wigfall Vet

Corinne’s Pets

Corinne has one cat, Milo, who was an abandoned kitten but is now a much-loved and spoiled couch companion. She is also a Guide Dog puppy walker, and is currently fostering ‘Amber’, a golden Labrador, who is a true water baby who loves the beach!

I find writing very relaxing! To know that a piece of writing I have created will help potentially hundreds of people is an incredibly rewarding feeling”

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TV- I love Downton Abbey!

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My Work

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