Alice Barker


Professional Bio

Since graduating from the University of Liverpool in 2018, Alice has worked in a mixture of referral and first opinion equine practice. While she started out in New Zealand, she has since moved back to the UK and is now based in the North East.

Alice has developed an interest in anaesthesia and veterinary mental health. She is the Wellbeing Champion for her current practice.

Alice loves growing her own vegetables in her tiny urban garden and taking her cocker spaniel on big hikes in the local hills.

Pet content writer alice barker
alice barker, vet and eqine industry writer

Alice’s Pets

Alice owns a 2 year old working cocker spaniel called Nova who goes to work with her every day. Nova loves a hill walk in the surrounding countryside, but she is a professional sock and snack thief. Luckily she gives the *best* cuddles, so she gets away with it!

“I enjoy using my knowledge creatively and being able to help the wider pet owner population who I can’t reach in my own practice.”

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My Work

Here you can see my recent work.

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