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Professional Bio

Becky has worked as a vet in the South West of England since graduating from the University of Cambridge in 2011. Having worked with farm animals and horses in the past, Becky now works solely with pet animals.

Whilst she particularly enjoys caring for elderly patients and those with long-term health conditions, Becky’s areas of professional interest also include nutrition, itchiness, heart disease, and behaviour. She also likes educating pet parents on the basics; preparation for owning a pet, husbandry and preventative healthcare.

Becky lives with her husband, their daughter and their two dogs. She relaxes by spending time with her family, exploring their local countryside with a good picnic. When at home Becky enjoys cooking and listening to comedy on the radio.

Dr Becky Nicholson pet writer with dog
Dr Becky Nicholson, pet writer

Becky’s Pets

Becky has two dogs – Poppy, a terrier, and Sybil, a rescued Labrador. Poppy loves the beach and Sybil loves sprinting through muddy puddles.  Poppy and Sybil are good friends and enjoy curling-up together after a long walk.

“I am fascinated by psychology and the way language can be used to entertain and persuade.  I am grateful for the flexibility of writing, time wise, so I can be with my daughter more than I would be if I were working solely in veterinary practice.”

Some fun facts

Coffee or tea?


Favourite ice cream

Blackcurrant Ripple

Film or TV?

TV- it’s got to be the Vicar of Dibley!

My Work

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Past Projects

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Rebecca Nicholson

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